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The Integrated Approach

XTG was formed in 1991 in response to a long-awaited need in the communications industry. This need is an ever-increasing demand from businesses, industrial facilities, upscale residences, and the government, to perform and respond accurately, quickly, and cost effectively to the fast-paced changes of today and tomorrow’s strategic information technologies. XTG has expertise and experience in providing custom, “turnkey” solutions that integrate voice, video, and data systems into a single, unified, user-friendly interface.

 The commitment we make is simple:

 Consistently, we will perform in the best interests of the client and will maintain value-added support and performance during all phases of the contract. We will provide ongoing support after the project is completed. As expressed by the clients we serve, we pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation in the systems industry. The best recommendation we can possibly obtain is the unsolicited testimony of a satisfied client.


 Should you require any aspect of these specialized fields, XTG will offer you a comprehensive “single source” solution.